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"The purpose of life is to discover your gift and the meaning of life is to give it away." - David Viscott


This website has been eight years in the making. If it were not for the unrelenting belief in my ability and the consistent nudge to share my images with the world, there would be no Shawnisha Hester Photography. Dr. Renetta Garrison Tull has been the constant reminder and pursuant of getting my images to a broader audience. Dr. Tull has been a keen supporter and visionary of what Shawnisha Hester Photography could possibly look like and the lives it had the potential to touch. I am forever indebted and thankful for the graciousness that Dr. Tull has shown and continues to show to me and to my craft. Dr. Tull, thank you!


To my heavenly angels, Mr. William Robert Johnson, Jr. and Mrs. Bessie J. Williams, thank you! Your support of my endeavors has been far reaching, even now, in your physical absence, but in your ancestral daily presence. Your time and dedication to my passion for travel and my commitment to being a lifelong learner has been a constant reminder in the true goodness of unconditional love and support. I am because of you.


Laughter and Love,



August 2014


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